This one’s for you, Pops

I’ve advocated for a few things on this blog – HIV/AIDS, Hurricane Katrina, Malaria, etc. I haven’t mentioned something that hits a little closer to home, though. 

My dad called me one day, started a normal conversation, and then decided to let me know that he was at the hospital getting tests done.  He says, no chuckles,  “It’s not cancer”. He then goes on to tell me that he may have Lupus disease.  I could sit here and write to you saying that I was cool, calm, and collected, but I freaked out. Yup, pretty much.  After months of crazy blood tests and reviews, my dad has been diagnosed with Lupus and Raynaud’s disease.  Lupus disease isn’t something that one can diagnose easily, put it in to a box, and give it to the patient.  In fact, I am not going to try to explain it to you.  Just click here and read.  All I know is that there was a time that I was being told that my dad could have 5 years to live, or up to 20.  To this day, we still don’t know how far along the disease is; there are good days and there are bad days. 

With the possibility of going in to the Peace Corps this summer, I could miss seeing my dad for two years. I talked to him last night and he told me that I had to live my life and not let anything like this stop me.  I felt, and still do, helpless and I wanted to do whatever it is to make him feel better. 

Well, after a little searching, I found something.  I’ve decided to make a webpage (that looks extremely cheesy by the way) where people can donate money to the Lupus Foundation of America.  It’s in honor of my dad, which is the cool part.  :0) With this money, the Foundation will be able to research more in to the disease and maybe, possibly, hopefully, find a cure one day. My fundraising goal is $500, but it would be wicked if the webpage raised more.  Remember, this isn’t just for my dad, it’s for every diagnosed Lupus patient in the country.  So maybe I can’t cure the disease personally, but at least I can say I helped.


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