AIDS Quilt


I’m sorry. I have no excuse for not writing for a week. Well, actually, I do. School. School is my excuse, and I’ll be glad to give you the names and numbers of my professors that have tortured me over the past week with unimportant tasks. I think they’re unimportant anyway, but maybe that’s because I have less than three months until I graduate.

I was randomly talking to someone about the AIDS Quilt the other day, saying that I might have it be a topic for my blog. Well, come to find out, it’s here at CMU today and tomorrow. Very random.

This quilt was first started by a bunch of activists in California in 1987. It made its first debut on the Washington Mall in D.C. that year, and people were just in awe of it. This thing weighs 54 tons…I can’t really comprehend in my head how heavy that is. Known as the largest community art project in the world, the quilt has traveled all over for people to see. When I was a freshman in college, the quilt came to Central. I volunteered to count people as they came in and to monitor the area. I didn’t really know what the quilt was all about until I got there. It’s really interesting to see all the different panels and designs. Check out the website, and if you go to CMU or you’re nearby, take the opportunity to see this thing. It’s pretty amazing and will put it all in to perspective for you.


Just another reminder

I’ve fallen in love with YouTube…not sure if that’s a good/bad love.  But this video is just another reminder that we’re pretty damn lucky to live under a roof. Or have anything else for that matter.


Matt asked a good question: what was my reaction to Bush’s interview?  To put it nicely, his reasons for not even mentioning Hurricane Katrina is bullshit. So he says there’s been money given to the area and its people. Well, great, he should have let the nation know that improvements have been made. The only thing is, he undoubtedly knows that not enough attention/aid has really been given and that’s probably why it wasn’t mentioned. He, along with others, does not like to remind people of his past mistakes.

People are still living in FEMA trailers and luckily there has been an extension for those residents.  They were going to have to be out of them by this month and then have no place to live. Now they have until August to find somewhere else other than this trailer that many people reside in for a week or so on vacation.

So Bush didn’t mention Katrina and I’m over it now. I give him some lee-way though, seeing that he has defend his belief in something that most of the country disagrees with. I’m just hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be another “mistake”.

Annnd I’m done ranting.

Bob Dylan

Oh, Mr. Bob Dylan. Blowin in the Wind was a song about Vietnam, but I feel that we could still relate to it today. Plus, it’s good music. And music somehow can say things in ways that only words can’t.

Bush Interview

I was driving home from school the other night and I had a couple hours ahead of me.  I randomly turned to NPR news (which I definitely was called a dork after admitting this in class the next day), and an interview with President Bush was being given.  The interview asked a lot of questions concerning the State of the Union Address.  He was confronted about not even mentioning Hurricane Katrina.  Ballsy. Click here to read more/listen to the interview.

P.S. NPR rocks. no shame.