Decisions, Decisions…

Alright Kessel. You got me there. It has been two months since I’ve written. I fell off the face of the earth, but somehow I made it back. This is a very impromptu post, as I have to be at class in about 20 minutes. So bear with me.

Although this might be short or without any organized thought whatsoever, I still find this important. I’m asking for your advice. Yup, all of you. What do I do with my life?

I’ve applied for Peace Corps. I’ve applied for Americorps NCCC. I’ve gotten accepted in to Americorps, but I still have about 3-4 weeks until I know of my acceptance in to the Peace Corps. Do I just say “Peace out, Peace Corps”? Or do I still go for it? Let me compare the two.

With Americorps NCCC, I would travel out to Sacramento, Ca. in October and start training. I then would be traveling all around the country for five to six weeks working on various service projects, mostly in the Gulf. The program is a ten month commitment.

With Peace Corps, I’m guessing I would still be placed in Africa. I have no idea when I would leave. They could give me a month’s notice. From what I was told earlier, I would be working with girls’ education and empowerment. The program is a 27 month commitment.

My mind has been frazzled from thinking of future plans for a while, so any advice would be very much appreciated.