Who needs a tetenus shot anyway?

golden gate bridge

San Francisco = fantabulous. Go there. Please.  And take a Lonely Planet travel book with you as well.  This book helped us girls get around the big city so easily.  It had a walking tour that you take on your own (no guide, but hey it’s free!) and helps you come across really great sites.  We went through Chinatown and found a place where you can watch fortune cookies being made.  The fortunes were in broken English and were really hard to understand, but it was great fun.  We sat and had a drink at a famous bar and wandered through an equally famous bookstore.  We walked up mountains.  I know they call them hills, but seriously. They’re mountains. We saw the curviest road in the world (cheesy but great), and then we ate fish down and the pier and saw hundreds of sea lions barking away.  The best part, however, was getting to ride on a cable car. For five dollars, I got to stand on the outside of a cable car and feel like I was a kid on a roller-coaster for the first time. It was wondrous.  I spent about $30 dollars that day, which included parking, gas, food, and the cable car.  It was all worth it. 

This week is back to work with training, physicals, and the beginning of 5:00 am wake up calls. woo hoo! I have my physical today, which includes everything under the sun, and this means…shots. I’m not gonna lie, I am petrified of shots. I’m not sure when this fear started, but as soon as I start thinking of a needle I start to sweat. We were supposed to have it this morning at 7:30 am. I had myself psyched for it as soon as I woke up, motivating myself for it and telling myself it “ain’t no thang”.  Come to find out, it was delayed. Now I’m waiting impatiently and thinking every other second of this needle. 

As silly as it may sound, I am one who needs a hand-holder during these times who knows funny tales to tell me so I hardly notice I’m being poked. I’m not sure if these doctors will be nice enough to do that. Maybe they have a teddy bear…

Sorry there are no pictures yet, my Mac is being stubborn and refuses to connect to the Internet.  I’m hunting down the computer guy today.  He won’t get away.

Getting Things Done,


 ILB :0)



  1. Matt Langdon said,

    October 24, 2007 at 7:55 am

    That curvy street was where Zimbardo lives – there were dozens of tourists there and I was trying to find a house to knock on the door of. Funny. Maybe you had to be there.

  2. Lisa said,

    October 30, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    Wow. I wish I had gone and traveled after college. And sometimes the cheesy stuff is the coolest 🙂

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