Lions, Tigers…and Elephants?

This blog is written by a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, Africa (thanks, James). It’s pretty interesting to see the type of work he has been doing. Also, with a good possibility of being in the same continent by June, I can get an idea of what kind of mud hut I want to live in. kidding. I don’t get to choose…



I have my Peace Corps phone interview tomorrow. Well, just looking at the clock it’s actually today. In all honesty I haven’t really thought about it until a couple of hours ago. And then I realized that yeah, this could definitely change the rest of my life. Hell, I could be living in Africa for two years living in a mud hut. It’s a surreal feeling to know that my life is going to change in May when I graduate and almost every decision I make now affects my future. All of a sudden I have to grow up. So do I REALLY know if I want to live in a third world country for two years? Of course not. But why not just go for something like this that you know will change your life in so many ways? Why not go for something that is not only going to help others, but teach yourself a thing or two, maybe three? Because I’ll be scared shitless every step of the way, that’s why.

Africa Blog

So a friend of mine, who is quite the intelligent blogger, suggested that I should start reading up on other blogs and make some links with them. Well, I randomly found an interesting blog that caught my eye. Sociolingo’s Africa blog gives any news about the continent that you can find. I have a feeling that I will be referencing this blog quite a bit.

One category in the blog caught my eye: Peace Corps. I am going through the long, sometimes stressful, application process and was excited to read some more information on the subject. Three news articles came up and two of them were about some Peace Corps volunteers being electrocuted and dying on a boat ride down the river. Hmmmmm…the first thought that popped in my head, and excuse my french, was “shit”. At least the last article was about a woman making lasting friendships that she will never forget. I guess that’s the risk you have to take if you want to save the world, right?