Who needs a tetenus shot anyway?

golden gate bridge

San Francisco = fantabulous. Go there. Please.  And take a Lonely Planet travel book with you as well.  This book helped us girls get around the big city so easily.  It had a walking tour that you take on your own (no guide, but hey it’s free!) and helps you come across really great sites.  We went through Chinatown and found a place where you can watch fortune cookies being made.  The fortunes were in broken English and were really hard to understand, but it was great fun.  We sat and had a drink at a famous bar and wandered through an equally famous bookstore.  We walked up mountains.  I know they call them hills, but seriously. They’re mountains. We saw the curviest road in the world (cheesy but great), and then we ate fish down and the pier and saw hundreds of sea lions barking away.  The best part, however, was getting to ride on a cable car. For five dollars, I got to stand on the outside of a cable car and feel like I was a kid on a roller-coaster for the first time. It was wondrous.  I spent about $30 dollars that day, which included parking, gas, food, and the cable car.  It was all worth it. 

This week is back to work with training, physicals, and the beginning of 5:00 am wake up calls. woo hoo! I have my physical today, which includes everything under the sun, and this means…shots. I’m not gonna lie, I am petrified of shots. I’m not sure when this fear started, but as soon as I start thinking of a needle I start to sweat. We were supposed to have it this morning at 7:30 am. I had myself psyched for it as soon as I woke up, motivating myself for it and telling myself it “ain’t no thang”.  Come to find out, it was delayed. Now I’m waiting impatiently and thinking every other second of this needle. 

As silly as it may sound, I am one who needs a hand-holder during these times who knows funny tales to tell me so I hardly notice I’m being poked. I’m not sure if these doctors will be nice enough to do that. Maybe they have a teddy bear…

Sorry there are no pictures yet, my Mac is being stubborn and refuses to connect to the Internet.  I’m hunting down the computer guy today.  He won’t get away.

Getting Things Done,


 ILB :0)


There Are Orange and Palm Trees Outside My Room!!

 We can’t eat the oranges :0( Stupid Pesticides…

I’m in Cali now, and getting your comments so far has made me smile – thank you so much!

 The past couple of days has been hectic. I almost missed my flight (never trust phone alarms), and then I left all of my important papers (passport, driving record, immunization record) at home, which now have to be faxed. But hey, I’m still alive and well.

We recieved uniforms that must be worn everyday while we are on duty.  There is no rolling of shirts or pants, no jewelry to be worn except for small earrings basically, and there are room inspections almost every day. Sounds intense…it is. I’m sure by next week I will be in the routine of things and none of this will cross mind.

We haven’t done too much except learn policies and rules, rules, and more rules.  The only time I’ve been off base was last night to get a pillow from Target. BUT! Tomorrow some girls and I are heading to San Francisco to check out the place. We’re going to take a walking tour and explore the national park.  :0) 

I’ll be trying to get pictures up soon – my computer is having a hard time connecting to the internet here. I’m apologizing in advance if I don’t write for a couple more days.

 As we say in Americorps (yes, cheesy mottos already), I’ll just be “getting things done”



Leaving On a Jetplane

So I thought I could make use of my blog while I’m in California. Oh yeah, that’s right. I haven’t written on this thing in ages. You have probably no idea what I’m talking about, do you?

I decided to work with Americorps for ten months and move to California. I leave on Wednesday for this adventure that I’m sure is going to change my life (for the better, at least that’s what I’m shooting for).

The first month starts out as a sort of “boot camp”. We wake up at 5:30 am and have physical training for an hour everyday. Then we go until 9:00 pm every night. That is what the itinerary they gave me says at least. After a month of training of who knows what, we travel by van to a site (which they call “spikes”) and do service work there for 4-6 weeks. No, I have no idea where I’m going; all I know is that it could take 1-5 days to get there by van. Woo hoo. They basically pay for everything, give me about the same amount of money that I would recieve for allowance when I was younger, and we build houses, work with communities, etc., for ten months.

I’m pumped. Very pumped. And I’m scared, nervous, and biting my fingernails every five minutes. I know that I have a huge passion for helping people, and this is what I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I’m not worried about being fullfilled through this experience. I know I will be. But I also know that I will be completely homesick from time to time. Come on, who doesn’t miss mom’s home-cooked meals and her hugs? And the random phone calls from best friends?

So hopefully this blog can help me keep in contact with everyone that I’m leaving in the mitten state and this is a much quicker way to shoot EVERYONE an email instead of writing hundreds a day. I would love replies and for you to keep in contact with me while I’m away. It would make my day to get random messages from familiar, great people. :0)

Wish me luck!!